CHRIS BROOKS has been writing and performing poetry since 2001.

CHRIS was a regular host of ONE NIGHT STANZA, Totnes' finest spoken word cabaret, and he was the founder and original host of POETRY ISLAND, Torquay's longest running and best Performance Poetry event.

His latest project, the character based Chris Brooks Love and Peace Poetry Show has been described as the poetry world's equivalent of The Fast Show.


Soft hands for doing dishes,

Lush lips for eating Flakes,

Fluffy towels and fabrics

And exceedingly good cakes.

Old Spice and Uncle Ben's Rice,

The taste of paradise,

Rewards from supermarkets

And monetary advice.

A million housewives every day

Put a tiger in their tank

And enjoy that Condore moment,

Down at the listening bank.

The femme fatale from the flat upstairs

Is after my coffee,

There's a difference at MacDonald's

And my girdle's killing me.


Advertisements, what a racket,

Free Tibet, in every packet,

I want, I want, becomes I need,

Compassion out of fashion

As I die of greed fatigue.


I lament the mess and the mental unrest

Of having been a Cold War baby,

A gun against my head,

As I lay each night in bed,

For having been a Cold War baby,

There’s no self-determination,

When you face extermination,

That’s the anguish of a Cold War baby,

You watch the news with dread,

Feel the blood rush through your head,

There’s no freedom for a Cold War baby.

"We're defending the Free World,

Our intentions are all kind,

It's all done for your own good."

But it's messing up my mind.

I've ended up a mess,

Hooked on fear and beer and stress,

For having been a Cold War baby.



No time to sing,

No time to dance,

No time for leaving

A second to chance,

I’m following order

Sent from above,

No times for tears,

No time for love.

I’m ever so modern

As you can see,

Blind to the workings of


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