Courses, Workshops and Storytelling.

Chris Brooks offers a range of courses, workshops and storytelling events which focus on the timeless wisdom contained within traditional fairy tales and the Tao Te Ching.

For many years Chris has worked as a poetic and comedic performer and led courses and workshops that explore the rudiments of spoken word performance. 




18th June - Glimpsing the Grimms, Talk, Exeter

26th June -  Stand Up and Shout, Comedy, Exeter

27th June - Storytelling Master Class. Exeter. 

6th July - Creating Comedy for Performance, commencement of 8 session ONLINE course. 

9th July - The Ancestry of the Fairy Tale, Talk, Exeter. 

13th July - Tao Te Ching Workshop, Buckfastleigh.

16th July - The Art of Performing Poetry, commencement of 8 session ONLINE course.

17th September - The Rules of Enchantment, Talk, Exeter.

14th October - ABC of Comedy, commencement of 8 week course, Exeter.

15th October - Storytelling Evening, Exeter.

12th November - Hans Christian Anderson, The Fairy Tale Outsider, Talk, Exeter 

14th November - Spoken Word Masterclass, Exeter

9th December - Stand Up and Shout, Comedy, Exeter. 

10th December - Storytelling Evening, Exeter.

More information about all events can be found on this website.


"Chris Brooks offers pathos with pith, poignancy with punch. He's at a place where idealism meets absurdity. He's out to lunch but back again for tea." - MATT HARVEY, humourist, poet and author.

"Chris Brooks is a teacher who really knows his stuff. He makes learning easy, fun and original." - LUCY LEPCHANI, poet, writer and educator."

"Novice to stage ready in 8 weeks, brilliant! Thanks to Chris." - SAM PHILLIPS, Comedy Course Participant 2019.

"Chris Brooks got me performing and I've never looked back. I thoroughly recommend his workshops!" - ROBERT GARNHAM, spoken word artist and multiple slam winner.                                   

"When I attended Chris'​ comedy course I found it to be quite life-changing. I now think in a different way, life is funny, comedy is everywhere that I look - it just jumps out of no-where."​ - PAULA WHITFIELD, Comedy Course Participant 2014.


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